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Contemporary table lamps - lighting manufacturers just love that metal finish!

When you find a traditional turned wood table lamp redone in shimmering brushed steel you know you've got a designer who loves contemporary lighting. And this could be you as well, considering all of the great choices in contemporary table lamps available, many with very affordable price tags.

From Lite Source, Kenroy, Adesso, to Holtkotter finding a designer contemporary table lamp is quite easy. Choose from elegant and distinctive space age modern style lava lamps to classically contemporary Art Décor lamps: there is a decorative lighting style suitable for any home décor. Even
for the ultra - modernist looking for lighting with a sleek modern design!

One of the most popular materials used to design contemporary lighting fixtures, floor lamps chandeliers, pendants and such, is metal. You will find brushed metal finishes in steel and nickel to be a common site on many table lamp choices. In addition, glass diffuser, paper, and other stylish lampshades capture the clean and simple lines desirable in modern light fixture.

While a lamp manufactured to sit on a table top can provide necessary light for task reading. Sleek lamps also serve a decorative purpose. For example, a Kenroy accent lamp designed with poles to support beautiful egg-shaped glass.

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