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problems with chandelier installation

Chandelier installation problems

Chandeliers - these light fixtures are being used everywhere today. We have all seen them in bathrooms. Now it is chic to find hanging chandeliers even in the laundry rooms. My customers are using these lighting fixtures everywhere! And with all these different spaces being used one can encounter chandelier installation problems.

I've been asked to share with you some of my knowledge and experience with these electoroliers.

The most common problem I see is that the consumer is often surprised, after making major pendant lighting purchases (when installing in high ceilings), what the manufacture supplies. This can cause added trouble, time and expense in the pendants installation.

An experienced salesperson will foresee this and order accordingly to your building needs. However, don't count on it. Be sure to measure the height of canopy (ceiling) and/or length of swag to center of table (this is if your electrical box is off center to the center of your table or the desired location of the fixture) then down to the bottom of the light fixture. The specs of your fixture should include the distance from canopy to the bottom of the light fixture. An eight foot standard ceiling only requires 3 feet of length for the average person to look straight onto the fixture. So you can see that if your ceiling is a 10-20 foot cathedral type, a 3 ft hanging pendant will be in the rafters. See what I mean? The higher end manufactures will generally accommodate extra length. But buyer baeware! Finding additional chain to match the lighting fixture you have purchased may be difficult, if not impossible. Be sure to get extra chain length from the "man" if you plan on having your lamp rewired after purchase.

If you are purchasing second hand or used fixtures you may need to locate the mounting brackets needed to install. Every style of fixture requires different hardware.

Happy shopping and remember, getting "lit" can be fun!

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