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Battery operated table lamps - portable lamps ready for a power failure

With all of the natural disasters that can so easily transform a comfortably lit evening at home into one where there is an electrical outage, having several battery operated table lamps ready to use is a step towards being prepared.

Emergency lighting and supplies

After the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, and various hurricanes approaching land in the south east, being equipped with flashlights, lanterns and several or just one battery operated table lamp will enable you to see should your power go out at night.

In areas prone to earthquakes, such as the San Francisco Bay area, having battery operated Coleman lamp, portable for indoor and outdoor use is a good choice. Lighting supply stores sell lanterns and table lamps with rechargeable and regular batteries for ongoing use. Keep extra batteries around for an ample supply.

Battery Operated Lamps from Amazon

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If you have occasional power outages throughout the year due to weather and storms, these same battery operated lighting devices will benefit you. Having a battery style table lamp, while not the most decorative of all table lamps, will surely look great when the house is dark. Set these items aside, store in a convenient location so that they are easy to get to when needed.

Where to buy? Take a look online. Many online stores sell emergency preparedness equipment.

For information about buying table lamps online, please click on the link.

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