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Chandeliers and Lighting; Types and Styles:

For the best antique crystal chandelier - buy Schobek or James Moder
You can buy an elaborate antique crystal chandelier reminiscent of the ones that hung in the homes of British & European royalty and nobility in the 17th thru 19th century. In fact, you can purchase an antique crystal chandelier today, made with the world's finest Swarovski crystals.

Match or enhance your home decor with great choices in Antler Lighting
You can match or enhance your home decor with great choices in antler lighting found online.

Antler chandeliers - types to consider when looking to add a rustic touch to your home decor!
There are several antler chandeliers to consider when looking to add that special light fixture to your home.

Arts and Crafts Lighting - Finding the right lamp
Arts and Crafts lighting - The revered style of turn of the century Craftsman lighting seems to never have waned in popularity.

Brass chandelier - Top Lighting Designers: Thomas, Framburg, and Sea Gull Do Brass!
Brass chandelier - If you're looking to buy a brass chandelier to hang in the home, the two choices are: going with a chandelier made of solid brass metal (more expensive option) or a chandelier coated with a brass or antique brass finish.

Enhance your contemporary lighting with a modern dining room chandelier
Add style and elegance to your home's contemporary lighting with a well chosen modern dining room chandelier.

Colonial lighting! Add character and atmosphere of a time gone by
When you want to add that special character to your home try colonial lighting.

Craftsman lighting - Add beautiful lighting to your home
Craftsman lighting - It has been said that the early 19th century Arts and Crafts movement stood for craftsmanship at the expense of mass market pricing

Crystal lighting - You don't have to spend a fortune!
Crystal lighting - Who said the finest things in life have to be expensive - crystals aren't diamonds after all - and you shouldn't have to spend a fortune to be able to admire a nice crystal light fixture in your home!

Fake antler chandeliers offer a rustic and country feel
Your preference of any type of antlers including deer antler chandeliers, elk antler chandeliers, handcrafted antler chandelier or moose antler chandeliers are bound to beautifully accent any home decorated in a country or western style.

For a floral Tiffany chandelier look at Meyda Tiffany's exquisite reproductions
If you are interested in purchasing a floral Tiffany chandelier for your home we recommend taking a look at the Meyda Tiffany collection. With so much interest in stained glass lighting and art nouveaux design-- reproduction floral Tiffany chandeliers are around with spectacular choices available.

Mini Pendant Lighting - Buy Designer Mini Pendant Fixtures Online
Mini pendant lighting - If you are looking to buy mini pendant fixtures for your home you are not alone. Though very unique, these popular mini pendants are being hung in homes across the country to create intimate spaces through single and multiple mini pendant groupings.

Modern Chandeliers Offer a Contemporary Twist on Classic Styles
Modern chandeliers are perfect for those who want the classy look of beautiful lighting along with unique and contemporary designs.

Pendant lighting! Enhance your home's interior with great illumination
Pendant lighting is a must in decorating your home and can be added to enhance both mood and light!

Pineapple chandelier- Buy a light fixture that adds "welcome" and a bit of tropical decor to your home!
Buying a pineapple light fixture mixes well with tropical style decor and symbolizes "welcome."

Rooster chandelier - Buy Online at Lamps Plus for Great Style and Price!
Buying a rooster chandelier adds a great decorating element especially in the kitchen and breakfast room.

Rope lighting! Add something different to your home décor
While you may be wondering, what exactly is rope lighting? It's just as the name implies, accent lights spaced approximately 1-inch apart and contained in a shell of tubing.

Inspire your rustic lighting with a wrought iron, rooster, or a candle chandelier
Rustic lighting is more popular now then ever!

Small crystal chandeliers are so in style!
Small crystal chandeliers grouped in two's or threes and/or hung alone in a small room is stylish trend in home decor. Whether you live in a mansion or a small, cozy home -- there is a special place for mini and small crystal chandeliers.

Add Color and Classic Style with Stained Glass Lighting
Stained glass lighting is the quickest and most fashionable way to add color to any room.

Teacup chandelier - A fun themed light for the baby or kid's bedroom!
Teacup chandelier - Going as far to say that kids, especially little girls love to throw a tea party is an understatement! My 5-year old niece had teacups and a tea pot ready to go (with water from the bathroom fawcett) as soon as I walked in the door.

Review the best manufacturers of Tiffany lighting online
Before you shop for Tiffany lighting why not review some of the top Tiffany light fixture designers.

Tin punched lighting - early American light fixtures for your home
Tin punched lighting - Buying a reproduction early American tin punched light fixture reproduced by a tinsmith may sound decadent, but isn't that the way simple tin punched lanterns and fixtures were originally crafted.

Venetian Chandeliers Offer Elegance in Each Piece of Art
Venetian chandeliers were not produced in Europe until the end of the 13th Century.

Vintage chandeliers - finding something special!
Vintage chandeliers - Looking for a vintage chandelier in the thicket of over priced antiques gets you thinking about what a vintage pendant really is.

Votive chandelier - add ambiance to your home lighting
Votive chandelier - While not a great source of light, votive chandeliers more than make up for this missing element in what they do so well: create ambiance.

Wagon Wheel Chandeliers - Great Light Fixtures for Rustic and Country Inspired Interiors!
Wagon Wheel Chandeliers - Great for rustic and country inspired interiors wagon wheel style chandeliers can make quite a statement.

Wrought iron candle chandeliers - Colonial Style Lighting That Looks Right!
Buying a wrought iron candle chandelier is the perfect lighting for Colonial and Traditional decor.

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